Nordic Koivu Ltd follows the guidelines of the food safety management system FSSC 22000.

Organic Label

Nordic Koivu birch sap is verifiably and certifiably organic. Nordic Koivu birch sap uses the organic label of the Finnish Food Agency / Finfood LUOMU.

The objective of organic production is to help maintain nature's cleanliness and vitality, and to ensure that foodstuff is produced as naturally as possible, utilising nature's own methods. Organic products are safe.

The principles of organic production are put into practice so that the production of organic foodstuff is governed by rules which all the organic producers are committed to, and compliance is monitored.

Swan Flag, "Joutsenlippu"

Nordic Koivu birch sap has the right to use the Swan Flag "Joutsenlippu" label. Nordic Koivu birch sap (raw material) is 100% Finnish and the product has been manufactured in Finland.

Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme (Unesco), North Karelia Biosphere Reserve

North Karelia Biosphere Reserve belongs to UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme (MaB), which consists of 669 research, testing and development areas worldwide in 120 countries. Biosphere Reserves pursue sustainable practices which are applicable locally, regionally and also globally.

Nordic Koivu Ltd is a part of North Karelia Biosphere Reserve's partnership network, which highlights regional good practices and actors within sustainable development. Nordic Koivu is a perfect example of many-sided, sustainable, innovative use of local resource - i.e., birch - in its global business. Birch forests are also culturally important in Karelia.

Luomu- ja Joutsenmerkki
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